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This is a very versatile well tested band and very popular with the traveller market, made from durable silicone rubber, bonded two tone and debossed for longevity.

Includes one-year subscription to online medical profile and auto emailing system to loved ones.

It's simple from here select your size by simply measuring around your wrist, pick the appropriate size band and proceed through our online checkout

Delivery within Australia usually 3-5 business days.

Delivery overseas approximately 3-10 business days


Postage and handling within Australia $6.50 International $11.50

What is ID Tracker?

A traveller’s must-have travel accessory. A durable, light weight medical alert wristband which contains unique identification codes, only readable when the band is removed. The outside of the band alerts emergency responders to access your profile via an online website, which is pre-populated by you. Your profile can contain information on medications, allergies, blood type, travel companions and contact details for family and friends for emergency email notifications.

Benefits of ID Tracker

  • Light-weight, water-proof and shock-proof so you will have your ID on you anywhere at any time including swimming, boating, jogging.
  • Only dependency is access to the ID Tracker website in event of an emergency.  No batteries or GPS signals required.
  • All ID Tracker bands contain the globally recognised medical symbol which First Responders are trained to identify.
  • Customised profile so you can store what you deem relevant and convenient – medication, medical conditions, travel documents, insurance details.
  • An email alert notification to family can be triggered by medical personnel to establish contact with next of kin and expedite critical medical treatment.
  • Add up to 5 profiles to one online subscription, that’s one wristband each for a family of 5 with one online subscription.

How does ID Tracker work?

Fashionable wristbands that are easy to wear

Make sure you can be identified at any time, along with any allergies or medical needs that could save your life.

Links to your online profile

Each wrist band carries a unique ID and PIN code which links to information you provide here on our website.

Details your medical history

Make sure you can be identified at any time, along with any allergies or medical needs that could save your life.

Copies of your passport and other travel documents can be included

Should you lose your vital documents - or your belongings are stolen - you will also be able to quickly get to copies you’ve uploaded as part of completing your profile.

Alerts family via email

Anyone checking your profile using the ID and PIN on your band can activate an emergency email to be automatically sent to loved ones.