How to survive and have a good time in Bali/Thailand

There are some common sense rules that are often broken leading to injury and or death. For some reason people are more likely to break these rules and increase their risk, whilst on holiday, than they would when at home…why? An impulse to be more...

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Travelling Australia With Kids article

ID Tracker

Well here's an idea that we like and a great fit for TAWKers; an ID Tracker! ...

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Phuket Gazette Article

PHUKET: Australian-based company IDTracker was launched to tackle the frightening number of unidentified foreign patients arriving unconscious or incoherent at Phuket hospitals. The company's simple, durable wrist bands provide a unique emergency...

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Facebook post


ID Tracker meets with Senior staff and head of department at Phuket international Hospital today, so well received and supported by one of Phuket's largest Hospital's, Staff here are certainly...

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Taking kids on holiday

Taking kids out with you within Australia to theme parks, shopping centres, etc. and keeping them within reach is daunting enough. 

Can you imagine walking busy streets such as Bali, Thailand and if your child wanders for...

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