Saturday, December 26, 2015 - 02:17

Taking kids out with you within Australia to theme parks, shopping centres, etc. and keeping them within reach is daunting enough. 

Can you imagine walking busy streets such as Bali, Thailand and if your child wanders for those few seconds out of view and slips into the jungle of the crowd?

It takes a matter of seconds for this to happen, have you thought about things you can do to assist their safe return.

Our Wrist bands have been developed with this in mind, you can just update their profile with current place of stay, contact number and remember our bands have the Auto emailing capabilities within them. Just train your child to show this band and point out the web address on the band to police or store keeper etc. and you will know where they are within minutes of the emergency call being activated via email, also our new Kids Bands will also have the added hard copy of details stored within a sealed pocket.


Check out our range of trendy kid’s bands in store soon, Safe travels.