Saturday, December 26, 2015 - 01:48

Things to do, from a fantastic night life, to its many tropical islands to visit by boat.

Its people are friendly and its infrastructure is advanced from many other South east Asian places.

I have lived and been in Phuket many times and just love the place and its people and culture.

If there was a negative to Phuket it would be its many injuries and deaths caused by many factors, many of these are explainable due to the high amount of visitors are here short term doing holiday type adventure's such as jet skiing, diving, and scootering around the island. These unfortunately lead to a higher number of casualties. Phuket with its many hospitals and staff are well equipped to manage and handle emergencies, although this is Asia and we just need to be informed that it isn't the same as your home country if you end up in a hospital.

Id tracker was invented in Thailand Phuket due to an incident i witnessed here, i was visiting a local private hospital for a regular work related health check, while i was in the waiting area i noticed a high amount of distress coming from the emergency area, i asked one of the young lads what was the problem, and here’s the story.

They lost their friend around midnight and went looking for him as he just said he was going down the street on his scooter to get a snack and hadn't returned, they found his crashed scooter not far down the road, and a local said he had been taken by ambulance, they didn't know which hospital to go to so started searching them all,

12 hrs later they found him in a public hospital and was strapped to a bed in the corridor, unconscious and in a bad state, they transferred him to a Private more equipped hospital and gathered amongst themselves enough money to have him admitted to intensive care unit, as here if there is no money or way of payment your treatment may not happen.

His brain was swelling due to his injury and needed immediate bur hole surgery, which is drilling a hole in the scull to release the pressure, if this isn’t done in time there is a high chance of permanent brain damage. I later spoke with his friends and asked why it took so long for his treatment, the answer surprised me that they had been told that because he was unidentifiable they could not ensure payment of his treatment and this caused a delay of up to 24 hrs, which is absolutely critical in this case. I then asked his friends how many of them were also not carrying identification and most of them weren't, as they don't want to lose their passports ect they just don't think about it.

This is when i started thinking a lot about trying to reduce these unnecessary delays in cases such as these, which are very common here, we needed to have a system that was easy to use anywhere in the world, it couldn't rely on batteries, it needed to be durable water proof, and it needed to cover all areas of identification and medical records, it needed to be able to alert family and or friends of the persons whereabouts, Id Tracker was born from seeing the need for people/travellers in foreign countries to carry identification at all times we just added a few extras to assist the traveller.

Don't become a John or Jane Doe overseas, enjoy your adventure but also put things in place to reduce your risk ID tracker is just one of those things but covers a lot in one item.


Safe travels from ID Tracker